What is 2VizCon® ?

Best of both worlds: technology and storytelling

2VizCon® is a software for enterprise apps. 2VizCon® enables agencies and companies to create compelling corporate apps with captivating storytelling and on-brand design. These apps can be used for marketing, sales, education and training. At the same time, 2VizCon® delivers Fortune 500-approved technology that redefines the standards for corporate-ready application development. The design freedom of 2VizCon® software allows for new and creative user journeys.

The 2VizCon products Sales, Event, MEAP, Retail, Commerce, and Data have been especially developed for businesses of all industries and across all departments. Whenever the ideal mobilization of content is required, 2VizCon® is the software of choice for companies worldwide.

2VizCon® service options for corporate clients and license partners:

  • Storytelling and mind mapping of information architecture
  • Layout, layout support
  • Interactive design and usability engineering
  • Implementation of user interface
  • API development (CRM, CMS, eShop, multimedia database)
  • Asset handling (PPT and PDF Files, videos, pictures, texts)
  • Initial content implementation
  • Testing and validation
  • Project management
  • Optionally available: on premise installation on client server

2VizCon® modules

2VizCon® offers a variety of feature-specific modules. The appropriate modules are selected depending on the use case. They are then implemented into the system setup. The use of certain modules can require the implementation of additional modules, for example My Data requires User Management.

2VizCon continuously expands the variety of available modules. Modules can be added to existing 2VizCon® apps at any time.

User Management

The 2VizCon® User Management module enables administrators to define and manage user rights in a browser-based interface. Administrators have full control and security due to a very detailed grading of user rights. The 2VizCon® User Management module has full API capabilities and can be connected to an active user management system such as LDAP for example.


  • role-based user management granular rights allocation
  • LDAP connection
  • easy user administration

Contact/Order Form

The 2VizCon® contact or order form enables the user to interactively process structured data. If the device is offline at the time of data input, all data is saved and will be processed once an online connection is established again. Generated data can be automatically processed to systems and databases in use due to full API capabilities.


  • interactive
  • full API capability
  • offline capability


The powerful 2VizCon® Analytics module enables real-time evaluation and optimization of application usage. This allows for control e.g. of correct course of client presentation or frequent routine of non-linear usage. In consultation with users or employees, the full usage of an application can be optimized and tailored to the users’ needs. Content-based evaluation enables efficiency analysis.


  • content-based evaluation of usage
  • user-specific analysis
  • evaluation of application flow
  • provisioning of data for third party solutions
  • user defined reports and analysis

Asset Library

The 2VizCon® Asset Library module provides a quick overview and direct access to all implemented assets. Assets can be sorted by file type or subject area. Furthermore, users can search by file name or file description.


  • listing of all implemented assets sorting by file type
  • sorting by subject area
  • easy search by file name or file description

My Data

The 2VizCon® My Data module allows users to upload additional assets and access these assets on the mobile device anytime. My Data files can for example be centrally managed assets such as presentations made available by the company on short notice, or personal assets for individual use.


  • upload of personal assets
  • deployment option for centrally managed assets


The 2VizCon® Language module provides multilingualism of applications. Any language can be implemented and treated individually. For example, content can be deployed language-specifically. Language output can be either managed manually by the user or automatically by reading out of the activated operating system language.


  • support for any number of language creating and managing of language-specific content
  • automated language output of application
  • automated language and country recognition

PIN-based Authentication

This 2VizCon® module protects the application from unauthorized access when being published through public app stores. Download of app container is possible at all times – only the content will be made available after entry of password.

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