Development Kit (DevKit) & Content Management Interface (CMI)

The 2VizCon® authoring tool: DevKit (Development Kit)

The DevKit (Development Kit) is the browser-based authoring tool of 2VizCon that provides a standardized development process for enterprise applications. To use the 2VizCon® DevKit, training and basic web coding skills are required.


Technical benefits of the 2VizCon® DevKit:

  • Seamless “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) interface editing
  • Pre-programmed elements for fast & intuitive creation of interactive elements
  • Every element fully configurable via standard JavaScript
  • Drastically reduced time-to-market with low-code platform

The new definition of a content editor: The 2VizCon® CMI (Content Management Interface)

To manage content 2VizCon provides an easy-to-use CMI (Content Management Interface). The CMI is a browser-based, intuitive editorial area for quick and easy content management. Thanks to role-based user management, content management is easy to execute. PowerPoint files, PDF files, videos and pictures can be changed in real time with just a few clicks. Content changes can be revoked or repeated with one click.

Benefits of the 2VizCon® CMI:

  • Intuitive content management
  • Real “What you see is what you get”: editing content directly in the user interface
  • content changes in real time
  • Undo / Redo feature
  • Audit-proof storage of data


The basic setup of the CMI is available as a pre-installed module. The project-specific adaption of the CMI depends on the information architecture.


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