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Blvd Mitte Case Study


Starting point.

aurelis Real Estate is a real estate company that focusses on asset management, land development, and above-ground construction in the German market. To support marketing and sales of several commercial building areas in the Europa Viertel, a new urban quarter in Frankfurt, alongside the main traffic artery Boulevard Mitte, the company was looking for an attractive and reliable digital solution. Accompanying the visually appealing, high quality offline campaign, the matching digital solution was supposed to run on touchscreens as well as mobile devices. The target group consisted of real estate agents, investors, and all interested public users.

Business needs

Ensure offline presentation of marketing material together with exposés of commercial building areas to be shared via email. Implement both a captivating user interface design as well as high-quality renderings and interactive map graphics. Provide an easy-to-use content management feature to enable continuous updates.

Boulevard Mitte Case
Boulevard Mitte Case

Project requirements

  • Develop an offline application for touchscreen, tablets, and smartphones
  • Implement on-brand user interface and storytelling flow
  • Provide content management feature
  • Roll out for Windows 7 and iOS
  • Publish in App Store


Relying on the DevKit (Development Kit), the 2VizCon authoring tool, an information architecture and storytelling flow for both linear and non-linear presentation was implemented. At the same time, this implementation approach provided an engaging, explorative user experience for public users.

Information architecture, user interface design and all layout files were provided by 2VizCon license partner acre, a creative design agency with focus on real estate marketing.

By activating the browser-based 2VizCon® module CMI (Content Management Interface), the continuous content update and adaptation was secured. The DevKit was also used to implement interactive map graphics. All exposés were uploaded as PDF files to be shared directly via email through the app.

Boulevard Mitte Case
Boulevard Mitte Case


Completing a true multichannel marketing approach, the Blvd Mitte app became a valuable messaging tool to support sales and marketing. Because of the high quality user interface design and captivating usability engineering, the app left a lasting impression on all users.

2VizCon installed the app on a 60-inch touchscreen in a business meeting bungalow to be used at information and sales round table events. The mobile app was published in the public app store with another corporate version of the app being distributed for real estate agents only. The app was very well received and introduced a new quality to digital real estate marketing.

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