Staging the Evolution of Mobility

Bombardier Transportation Case Study


Starting point.

Bombardier Transportation is a global leader in rail technology. To strengthen market position and share of voice, a new corporate messaging and design, together with a new trade show concept was created.

Business needs

Find a software solution that conveys both, new messaging and new design, in an innovative way. Implement all relevant marketing and sales content into an application for touchscreens and tablets. Empower sales team to utilize digital content presentation and sharing of sales information. Include a fast, easy to use content management option to allow content updates for tradeshows and sales meetings in real-time.

Bombardier Case


Bombardier Case

Project requirements

  • Develop an enterprise app
  • Create on-brand zooming user interface
  • Build information architecture illustrating corporate messaging
  • Provide offline performance
  • Implement content management option
  • Prepare API integration (multimedia database)
  • Roll out for touchscreens (Windows 7) and tablets (iOS)


A canvas-like layout together with a mindmap-structured information architecture were created. The zooming user interface was implemented by using 2VizCon’s own authoring tool, the so-called DevKit (Development Kit). The DevKit was also used for initial content implementation. Relying on the 2VizCon® staged release process, the global app approval was managed with a preview app.

The activation of the CMI (Content Management Interface) ensured the ongoing, effortless content management of the app. The customization of the app for Bombardier included the preparation of API connection with the company’s global multimedia database.

Bombardier Case
Bombardier Case


Based on 2VizCon®, a captivating and engaging enterprise app for use at tradeshows and in sales meetings was created. The knowledge-driven information architecture with multilevel-drilldown provided a compelling visualization of product portfolio and corporate information. At the same time, both structure and design of the app enhanced understanding and impact of the presentation. Users and recipients were able to touch, feel, and experience what Bombardier Transportation has to offer. All in all, the app created a lasting user experience that was a testament to Bombardier Transportation’s claim “The Evolution of Mobility.”


“2VizCon provided a corporate-ready and reliable, yet visually attractive and flexible software solution. We were able to present our content on an app platform that met all our requirements. The app impressed my colleagues, our sales team, and our customers.”

Roger Bennett, Head of Content Management


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