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Duvenbeck Case Study


Duvenbeck Case Study

Starting point

Duvenbeck is a German full-service logistics company that employs over 5,100 people in 38 European offices. The newly created branding and messaging, as well as Duvenbeck’s internal introduction of tablets as sales devices called for a high-performance, secure and engaging application for customer facing sales meetings. Because Duvenbeck works extensively in Europe, it was important that the sales application should be rolled out in different languages.


Business needs

Provide a flexible and efficient platform to create a sales optimizing, multilingual app that can be used in various European sales scenarios and at events. Develop a user interface that allows sales representatives to present Duvenbeck’s branding, products and services, as well as engage the customer. Implement an extended contact center that allows for quick and easy sharing of contact details of the sales team. Enable an easy-to-manage editing option for content updates in real time.

Duvenbeck Case Study Contacts
Duvenbeck Case Map


Project requirements

  • Develop an offline app
  • Implement on-brand user interface
  • Allow for design changes in the app
  • Set up contact center with sharing feature
  • Implement content editing option
  • Provide a multilingual environment
  • Roll out for iOS tablet


Based on the DevKit, 2VizCon‘s authoring tool, a multilingual sales app was developed.

Information architecture, user interface design and all layout files were provided by 2VizCon license partner Get the Point, a full-service communication agency from Cologne, Germany.

To meet all project requirements, the DevKit was used to implement the Content Management Interface (CMI) and to set up a theme chooser which allows for in-app changes of the app background image. Furthermore, the app was equipped with a workflow for the sharing of contact details. The contact center allows users to add contacts to a list and send their respective vCards via email.

Duvenbeck Case Overview

Duvenbeck Case Study Documents


2VizCon delivered an engaging and flexible sales app that Duvenbeck can use for all customers, all over Europe. Depending on the target group, the sales representative can alter the background image of the app to create a custom look and feel for their customer.

The app runs on iPads and is used by the international sales team to reflect Duvenbeck’s values as a company as well as giving a great overview of their services portfolio. True to their claim “The Culture of Logistics”, Duvenbeck introduced an app that not only digitalized their sales material, but it effectively communicates brand and messaging to a continuously growing customer base. The app is not only a tool for the sales process, but an organic part of it – a new digital experience for a German logistics group.

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