Turning Big Data into Smart Data

Hilton HHonors Case Study

Starting point

Hilton HHonors is Hilton Worldwide’s hotel rewards program. In order to evaluate the business performance of all their hotels around the world, a team of data analysts managed a spreadsheet containing over ten thouthand of data sets. This spreadsheet was used for relationship management and business intelligence purposes. It comprised all business-relevant KPIs.

Business needs

Ensure that data is always up-to-date, easy-to-use and can be accessed and presented any place any time. Furthermore, present all data in a customer-friendly and image adequate way within an on-brand designed user interface for internal analysis and external business meetings.

Project requirements

  • Comply with a very restricted timeline
  • Implement spreadsheet data
  • Ensure data visualization in real-time
  • Provide offline performance
  • Include search filter for owner and hotel name
  • Implement password protection
  • Create on-brand user interface design
  • Roll out for tablet (iPad)

Hilton Case

Hilton Case


Spreadsheet data was imported into the information architecture of the app, using 2VizCon’s own authoring tool, the so-called DevKit (Development Kit). The selected data import approach anticipated upcoming data updates. By doing so, continuous use of the app with new data was secured. Usability engineering was based on a user-centred approach to allow intuitive use of the app and therefore intelligent data visualization.

All layout files for the user interface were provided by 2VizCon license partner Forepoint, a UK-based strategy and creative agency.

To meet data filtering requirements, a search for hotel name and hotel owner with autocomplete was implemented. Relying on the 2VizCon® infrastructure, staged release process, and automated container deployment, time-to-market was significantly accelerated.



Based on 2VizCon®, the compelling and highly business-relevant Hilton HHonors KPI app was created. It took only 10 working days from user interface development, data implementation, testing and project management to final rollout.

For the first time, the HHonors team was able to access, view, and present all KPI data offline on a tablet, both internally and externally. Ease of use together with the high quality look & feel of the app and the Fortune 500-approved technology behind it empowered the HHonors team to make the most out of their data.

The HHonors KPI app, a perfect example of how 2VizCon® turns big data into smart data.

Hilton Case


“Having the ability to show our owners their HHonors performance data so quickly and easily through the iPad app really enabled great discussions. Thanks so much for your partnership in having this app developed so quickly and with such attention to detail. We are thrilled to have found a company with your skills and responsiveness, and look forward to working with you again in the future.”


Natalia Barbieri, Director HHonors Special Programs at Hilton Worldwide


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