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Hyundai App Case Study

Hyundai Case

Starting point

The Hyundai Motor Group is the largest automobile manufacturer in South Korea. To drive sales and strengthen the relationship management with retailers in Germany, Hyundai founded the dealer club Primus. Club activities included annual meetings and workshop sessions. In the wake of its digital transformation, the company looked for ways to leverage digital and mobile potential to communicate not only with their German top dealers but also with all dedicated Hyundai sales partners. The overall goal was to reduce if not replace print material entirely.

Business needs

Find a reliable software solution that operates across all mobile operating systems and web browsers to develop an on-brand designed application with a mind map-like information architecture. Enable users to explore all club information and offerings in an intuitive and engaging way. Include a fast, easy-to-use content management option to allow for content updates and ensure a modular app structure to flexibly add content sections and new messaging. Provide a reliable online process for event logistics and sharing of information with dealers.

Hyundai Case
Hyundai Case

Project requirements

  • Develop a cross-platform application
  • Create on-brand zooming user interface
  • Construct mind map-like information architecture
  • Implement content management option
  • Provide user management option
  • Provide personalized password access
  • Roll out for iOS and web browser
  • Publish in App Store


Relying on 2VizCon’s own authoring tool, the so-called DevKit (Development Kit), ensured an agile development and approval process with all stakeholders involved.

Information architecture, screen texts and all content were provided by 2VizCon license partner Fuel4Marketing, a strategic consulting company for the Automotive industry.

The activation of the CMI (Content Management Interface) ensured the ongoing, effortless content management of the app. The 2VizCon feature-specific module User Management was set up. Furthermore, a personalized password login was implemented to restrict access to specific content sections of the app. 2VizCon® also enabled the implementation of a personal images section in order to store and display pictures taken on any given device. Moreover, an event registration form was implemented.

Hyundai Case

Hyundai Case


The Hyundai Primus Club app introduced a new digital quality to the company’s ongoing dialogue and relationship management with German dealers. Previously published annual print material such as a comprehensive yearbook was replaced by digital app content publishing. This digital first-approach did not only reduce printing costs but also delivered proof to Hyundai’s overall digital transformation strategy. Event registration and documentation is now also being managed through the app. A Hall of Fame section portrays the Top 30 dealers to serve as motivation to all other German dealers. Upcoming events and marketing campaigns are introduced with app updates, while previous events and campaigns are documented in topic-specific app sections. Members of the Primus club are now able to save personal pictures taken on their device directly in the app, thus preserving a private documentation of events and sales-related meetings. 2VizCon’s real platform independence for mobile operating systems and web browsers ensured a maximum outreach of the app. The Hyundai Primus Club App – say goodbye to print and hello to digital!



“The digital transformation in the automotive industry requires secure and scalable software solutions for the development of apps, to effectively solve different tasks in marketing, sales, and after sales. 2VizCon® is the ideal platform solution for our strategic concepts. And it is a lot of fun to use as well.”

Florian Oelkers, General Manager, Fuel4Marketing


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