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LSG Sky Chefs Case Study

LSG Sky Chefs Case

Starting point

LSG Sky Chefs is the world’s largest provider of airline catering services and a subsidiary of Lufthansa. In preparation for their major trade fair, LSG Sky Chefs wanted to inform and educate employees first before unveiling the new approach to customers.

Business needs

Develop a digital tool for explanation and presentation of the new messaging to be used for educational purposes as well as facing the customer settings. Visualize the new personas-based information structure in an engaging way to enhance buy-in and understanding of employees first, then customers and business partners. Centering around a global trade show as external launch date, the tool should include a feature for lead capturing. Since LSG Sky Chefs and Lufthansa share the same corporate IT, all security and deployment related topics must be approved by Lufthansa IT.

LSG Sky Chefs Case

LSG Sky Chefs Case

Project requirements

  • Develop an offline app with on-brand user interface design
  • Implement matrix-like information architecture
  • Implement lead capturing feature
  • Roll out for tablet (iOS)


2VizCon’s own authoring tool, the so-called DevKit (development kit) was used to implement the on-brand user interface with a multilevel information structure.

Information architecture, user interface design and all layout files were provided by 2VizCon license partner taste!, an advertising agency with focus on food and beverage.

The app was also equipped with a contact form for lead capturing. All leads captured at trade shows or in facing the customer settings are cached offline and synchronized with the server when a stable wifi connection is available.

LSG Sky Chefs Case

LSG Sky Chefs Case


After receiving the final layouts and content, 2VizCon developed the LSG Sky Chefs app within a week. The approval process was managed by publishing a preview version for all stakeholders involved.

The app was distributed to the sales staff prior to the kick-off trade show so that all booth representatives were able to familiarize themselves with the new messaging and practice the presentation of it.

The LSG Sky Chefs app was very well received, both for internal learning and external presentation purposes. Thanks to the maximum degree of user interface design provided by 2VizCon, the newly created personas-based messaging was visualized in a captivating, engaging and at the same time educational way.


“It was important for us to introduce an app to our colleagues that not only conveys strategic messaging but provides a high quality in design and user experience, too. 2VizCon proved to be just the right choice for us. We plan to continue to develop the application for future use as an important part of our company-wide marketing materials.”

Michael Wahl, Vice President Innovation & Marketing

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