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Michelin Case Study

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Starting point

Michelin is one of the three largest tire manufacturers in the world. In support of digital transformation in their truck tires division, the company was looking for a technology platform to mobilize their sales force. Following the introduction of tablets for the sales representatives, Michelin wanted to roll out a new digital sales solution to around 30 European countries, with support for their respective languages. For this European-wide rollout of the selected solution a security approval by CGI, Michelin’s global security service provider, was a must-have.

Business needs

Deliver a digital platform for a sales app that enables sales representatives to access the entire truck tire product portfolio. Until now, sales representatives were using Excel sheets to calculate offers and purchasing scenarios during customer-facing meetings. This was to become more user-friendly by providing an easy-to-use mobile solution. Representatives were also to be able to use the app for internal training, in order to keep current with Michelin’s ever evolving products and services. To ensure that content remains accurate, a content management option was required. A continuous evaluation of usage was also to be included to allow Michelin to constantly improve usability of the app. Most importantly, because the products and descriptions vary across Europe, the app had to ensure a localized display of information depending on the market it was being used in. This also required a secure user management structure to guarantee the right match of content, geography, and user.

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Project requirements

  • Develop an offline app
  • Implement user interface
  • Integrate calculators
  • Set up user management
  • Provide a user interface that supports at least 30 languages
  • Provide an easy-to-use content management tool
  • Roll out for Windows 7, 8 and 10 laptops and tablets


Meeting all of CGI’s security and operational criteria, 2VizCon developed a sales enabling app based on 2VizCon® Sales. Using 2VizCon’s own DevKit authoring tool, a user interface was set up that met all branding and corporate identity requirements.

2VizCon leveraged several software modules to ensure optimum international adoption of the app. The CMI (Content Management Interface) was implemented for easy management of content; the Analytics module provided data insight on app usage, and which areas of the app should be continuously improved. For secure and comfortable implementation of the app in various European markets, 2VizCon provided the Language Switch and User Management modules. The Language Switch module delivers language-specific content for each market, and the User Management module ensures that users see appropriate content based on their market and user role. 2VizCon® also implemented an email basket module to allow sales representatives to create asset sets to be shared with customers.

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Michelin Sales App Product Page


With the introduction of a new digital sales enablement tool based on 2VizCon®, Michelin took yet another important step towards becoming a mobile enterprise. Thanks to the 2VizCon® unique app information architecture, both central and local messaging and product offerings can be presented. Moreover, the app includes always up-to-date sales materials, and offers sales representatives valuable opportunities to interact with their customers in an engaging and beautiful user interface. The introduction of the sales tool was a transformative change with regards to the strategic, content, and technical aspects of selling Michelin’s product portfolio. Michelin gained a tool that increases the impact of sales encounters and empowers representatives to be more productive.

The Michelin sales app – the shortest way to an efficient European sales network.


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