A Tasty Recipe for Sales Enablement

Nestlé Frisco Findus Case Study


Starting point

Nestlé Frisco Findus is Nestlé’s catering company, specialized on frozen foods in the B2B sector. To mobilize the sales force, Frisco Findus equipped sales representatives with Android tablets to be used for client meetings and presentations.


Business needs

Ensure that sales force has easy access to corporate and product information on tablets. Present products in a user-friendly and engaging way. Enable sales representatives to better interact with customers during sales meetings. Implement business-relevant tools, such as margin calculator and product navigator. Provide easy-to-use content management solution that allows for changes of layout and content aligned with the seasonal change of products and strategic sales cycle messaging.

Nestle Case
Nestle Case

Project requirements

  • Develop a sales app with on-brand user interface design
  • Implement product portfolio with pack shots and PDF files
  • Implement product search feature
  • Connect app with product database
  • Implement zooming effect for pack shots
  • Integrate margin calculator
  • Secure offline performance
  • Ensure multi-language use (German, French, Italian)
  • Ensure evaluation of use
  • Roll out for tablet (Android, Samsung Galaxy Note 2014 Edition)



To meet all requirements, 2VizCon implemented an intuitive user interface with zoom-feature. The 2VizCon® modules analytics and language selection were also implemented.

Information architecture, user interface design and all layout files were provided by 2VizCon license partner E,T&H, a Swiss advertising and creative agency.

2VizCon developed a drill-down filter to allow customization of product portfolio for customers. The app was also equipped with an integrated product database and an intelligent product search feature. To calculate interest margins with clients, 2VizCon implemented an easy-to-use calculator. An asset library with all app-bound assets was set up to allow unrestricted access to documents. The 2VizCon module Analytics was activated to document and evaluate use of the app by each sales representative.

Nestle Case
Nestle Case


Developed within three weeks, the Frisco Findus Cycle Box sales app was nominated for the internal Nestlé Corporate Innovation award.

The app helped Nestlè Frisco Findus to leverage the full potential of tablets for customer-facing interactive sales presentations. Sales representatives are now able to execute engaging sales meetings and address all individual customer needs with the help of a reliable and attractive digital sales tool. At the same time, sales managers are also now able to evaluate not only the use of the application, but also the buy-in of customers for product information and messaging. Because of the flexible information architecture and content management structure, content can now be changed and adapted according to the seasonal sales cycle – in a short amount of time with very low effort.

The Cycle Box app is two-in-one: a powerful tool to maximize the impact of sales meetings and a very efficient strategic business instrument to evaluate and manage the year-long sales cycle.

To further intensify the adoption of the app and utilize 2VizCon® Sales, Nestlé Frisco Findus extended the use of the Cycle box app to tradeshows. With lead capturing, cross-selling features with other Nestlè product units, and internal availability monitor for all sales representatives onsite, the Cycle Box app continues to grow.

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