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Night Star Express Case Study

Sales App Case

Starting point

Night Star Express is a German logistics company that specializes in nighttime transports. To support the sales team and equip them with the updated corporate presentation materials, Night Star Express was looking for a digital solution to optimize customer facing meetings.

Business needs

Provide a tool to the Night Star Express sales team that empowers each sales representative to have more efficient and therefore more successful sales meetings. Transform the corporate presentation into a digital sales tool. Implement business-relevant information and structure information in a mobile-friendly and engaging way. Enable sales team to upload individual documents to the app and allow for easy-to-use content management option.

Night Star Express Case Study Details

Sales App Case Study Dokumente

Project requirements

  • Develop an offline app with CI-approved user interface design
  • Implement all business-relevant documents
  • Activate analytics for measurement of in-app activity
  • Ensure intuitive access to all assets
  • Integrate user management
  • Roll out for tablet (iOS)
  • Publish app in Apple App Store


To transform the corporate presentation into a digital sales tool, 2VizCon’s authoring tool, the so-called DevKit (development kit), was used.

Information architecture, user interface design and all layout files were created by 2VizCon.

The app was equipped with several 2VizCon modules, such as My Data (for individual uploads of documents), User Management, and, to comply with the content management requirement, the 2VizCon CMI (Content Management Interface) module was activated, too. The CMI enables quick browser-based content editing with immediate WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) results. Furthermore, to monitor and optimize app usage, the 2VizCon Analytics module was implemented into the app.

Sales App Case Study Implementation

Sales App Case Study Result


By introducing the Night Star Express sales app, each sales representative received access to a highly efficient and user-centered B2E (Business-to-Employee) app for digital sales enablement.

Inspired by the company’s CI, an engaging and intuitive user interface was created. Based on 2VizCon® Sales, a highly effective mobile sales app was developed and rolled out – cost-efficient and within four weeks. The app was very well received with a high adoption rate amongst users whilst providing a unique and engaging customer experience. At the same time, the 2VizCon module Analytics enables marketing and sales managers to continuously analyze and optimize sales messages and thus adjust in-app content.

A game-changing 2VizCon® B2E (business-to-employee) app – valuable for both business and employees.


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