Setting the Digital Stage for CeBIT

Software AG Case Study


Starting point.

Software AG is a leading global software solutions provider. Preparing for the CeBIT, the company was looking for an innovative digital platform to optimize the event invitation process and at the same time, proving their corporate image as software and technology market leader. Furthermore, the goal was to create suspense among all invitees and present all trade show-relevant information in an engaging way.

Business needs

Find a software solution to develop a cross-platform app, incorporating trade show agenda, interactive booth layout, event topics, date request feature, as well as external social media links. The app was supposed to leave a lasting impression with on-brand user interface design and captivating usability. To avoid single-shot workload and budget spending, the briefing required a smart and sustainable solution to be reused at various events.

Software AG Case
Software AG Case

Project requirements

  • Develop an offline app for tablet and smartphone
  • Implement on-brand user interface design
  • Integrate date request feature including personal data, time/date, personal message
  • Implement a modular and flexible structure for easy adaptation of user interface
  • Provide an easy-to-use content management solution
  • Connect date request feature with data management solution
  • Embed social media links (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Roll out for tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android)


The on-brand user interface together with the date request form were implemented by using 2VizCon‘s own authoring tool, the so called DevKit (Development Kit).

Information architecture, user interface design and all layout files were provided by 2VizCon license partner KWP, a digital full-service agency.

The activation of the CMI (Content Management Interface) ensured the ongoing, effortless content management for all trade shows and events. The date request triggered an email out of the app that was processed by the company’s IT and marketing team for further data management.

Software AG Case
Software AG Case


Based on 2VizCon®, a user-friendly and engaging invitation app was created. First used for the CeBIT 2013, the user interface was adapted to the new corporate design in 2014. By integrating an interactive booth layout, users were able to already familiarize themselves with the booth itself and its themes before the actual event. The CMI allowed for a fast and easy content management. Publishing the invitation app three months prior to the CeBIT in the public app stores with accompanying promotional on- and offline communication tactics, Software AG was able to optimize the CeBIT invitation process and create attention for the company’s trade show appearance. The app became an integral part of the overall CeBIT digital communication and marketing campaigns of Software AG.

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