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Electronic Beats / International Music Marketing & Sponsoring Case Study


Telekom Case

Starting point

Electronic Beats is a lifestyle concept funded by Telekom. The management team in charge regularly attends presentation meetings with companies and associated business partners to explore new business opportunities. To present the overall music marketing and sponsoring strategy as well as showcase past activities at these meetings, the Telekom team was looking for an innovative eye-catching and efficient presentation platform.


Business needs

Develop a digital presentation tool to be used offline on iPad. The tool should contain all presentation-relevant files (PPT, PDF, videos, pictures). In order to quickly address constant content changes and updates, the tool was supposed to provide an easy to use content management option.

Telekom Case
Telekom Case


Project requirements

  • Develop an offline app
  • Implement a zooming user interface
  • Provide online update routine via browser-based content management interface
  • Roll out for tablet and smartphone (iOS)


Relying on the low-coding authoring tool of 2VizCon, the so called DevKit (Development Kit), a zooming user interface was implemented allowing for explorative and engaging presentation flow.

Information architecture, user interface design and all layout files were provided by 2VizCon license partner Krieger des Lichts, a design agency.

To meet all user requirements regarding content management, the browser-based 2VizCon-own CMI (content management interface) was set up to allow on-screen editing of all presentation files in real-time. Asset taglines and thumbnails were also made editable. A password access provided data security and privacy protection according to Telekom guidelines.

Telekom Case Study

Telekom Case


From implementation of zooming interface, initial asset upload to testing and rollout, the app development was completed within four weeks.

The corporate presentation app for Electronic Beats / International Music Marketing & Sponsoring was greatly received and it immediately provided a new quality to presentation meetings. Now the team was able to manage and present business-relevant content in an innovative and engaging way to clients and business partners.

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