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Zufall Case Study


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Starting point

The Zufall Logistics Group is a German logistics company operating at an international scale. Parallel to their website relaunch, new branding and messaging, Zufall was looking to move the brand and services onto mobile devices to support sales and event management. With the introduction of tablets for the sales team, the time had come to implement a digital sales tool to optimize customer-facing meetings.


Business needs

Deliver a digital platform to create a sales app with on-brand design that supports sales managers and representatives alike in maximizing the impact of customer-facing meetings. Provide a multilingual user interface to house new branding and messaging. Allow personalized usage of app by stakeholders and sales team, as well as setting up a data section for individual sales team members to upload data for their respective meetings. Implement an extended contact center to allow users to access contact details and share them via email. To enable content updates in real time, a simple-to-use content editing option was needed. The app should also be fed with live content coming from a website, making a API connection obligatory for the project.

Zufall Case Information Page
Zufall Case Content Page


Project requirements

  • Develop an offline app with multilingual user interface design
  • Develop contact section with sharing feature
  • Allow for design changes in the app
  • Set up contact center with sharing feature
  • Integrate user management
  • Enable content editing feature
  • Connect TYPO3 API for content updates
  • Roll out for iOS and Windows 8


The DevKit, 2VizCon’s authoring tool, was used to implement the on-brand, multilingual user interface.

Information architecture, user interface design and all layout files were provided by 2VizCon license partner Get the Point, a full-service communication agency from Cologne, Germany.

2VizCon activated the modules User Management, My Data and CMI as well as implementing a bookmark function for vCards in the contact center. 2VizCon also enabled the sharing of vCards via email. To meet the live content update requirement, 2VizCon integrated an API to TYPO3 into the app.

Zufall Case Animation

Zufall Case Map


The Zufall sales app represents Zufall’s move towards digital transformation, by making sales relevant material available to the sales team at any time and in any place. Through the TYPO3 API, the app also keeps the team up-to-date on important Zufall news. The app enables a quick and intuitive access to relevant information, products and services for the sales team, whilst communicating Zufall’s messaging to the customer.

The sales team uses the app to visually and digitally enhance customer-facing meetings and, ultimately, drive sales. Sales representatives are able to leverage the potential of the app by uploading individual documents to their personal app version and prepare the app for meetings. The Zufall app enables a glimpse into the world of logistics – a helpful tool for sales and brand communication!

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