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New business through mobile commerce

2VizCon Commerce

The increasing number of mobile users allows for new business through the mobile presentation of products and services. Companies of all sizes can increase their market share significantly by offering a mobile platform for users to access product and corporate information.

Mobile commerce is not only relevant for B2C businesses, but also increasingly for the B2B sector. Users expect companies to have a mobile solution with interactive features for the presentation and sell of a product or service. Furthermore, to connect different channels of revenue, corporate decision makers prefer multichannel solutions that do not entail complicated processes and high reinvestment rates.

2VizCon® Commerce is a Fortune 500-preferred software for enterprise apps, especially suited for mobilizing commerce.



Mobilize your products with 2VizCon® Commerce

2VizCon® Commerce is the one-stop software to create easy-to-use, on-brand mobile commerce apps in a short amount of time. The Fortune 500-approved technology delivers apps for all mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, and is extremely cost efficient through ensured performance on future versions of operating systems and devices. 2VizCon® Commerce enables businesses to use all the revenue potential of commerce without adding complexity to the company’s IT infrastructure. With full API capabilities to CRM, ERP, PIM and other systems, 2VizCon® Commerce connects commerce solutions seamlessly to the existing structure of a company. Whether it’s Click & Collect, mobile product configurators, mobile business transactions etc., 2VizCon® Commerce delivers a high-quality technology that accommodates and empowers all commerce strategies.

2VizCon® Commerce benefits:

  • Interface ready for integration of CRM, CMS, ERP, PIM etc.
  • Highly flexible user interface design for corporate ready apps
  • Independent from any specific platform
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Ready-to-use content management interface (CMI) for content changes and updates in real-time
  • Long term investment security with ensured performance on future versions of operating systems and devices
  • Integrated analytics for evaluation and improvement of efficiency

2VizCon® Commerce is fast, reliable, and cost efficient. Expand your commerce strategy!