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A centralized application for database management

2VizCon Data

Managing vast amounts of data has become part of the daily workflow. Existing tools that organize data are database management systems, product lists or SAP. Operating these tools requires knowledge of the various interfaces and how they correlate. Having several systems in place also means that the data they produce needs to be combined in order to gain valuable insights into business development. In many cases, there is no comprehensive centralized data pool. Moreover, conventional systems are optimized for desktop computers and cannot be used on mobile devices. The information in the database systems is necessary to ensure optimum utilized capacity. Moreover, it is vital to have an accessible visualization and mobile availability of this data.


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Turning big data into smart data


How can data be leveraged to reduce the daily processes of a company? 2VizCon® Data was developed with customized data structuring in mind. The state-of-the-art software offers a flexible interface that can be adapted to the demands of each individual application. 2VizCon® Data enables enterprise applications that centralize dataflow and unite the various strands of information. The application presents pre-selected information in an attractive mobile frontend. Certain features of 2VizCon® Data are particularly suited to managing vast amounts of data, because it offers intelligent information architecture for different user types. 2VizCon Data® stands out as turnkey solution enabler for any business in any industry.

2VizCon® Data allows you to interact with business-relevant data in an easy way – no matter where you are.


Data visualization

With 2VizCon® Data, specific data can be combined and displayed as a graph. This graph may be useful to explain relationships of items, for example. Instead of presenting static and abstract tables, visualized data renders information more accessible. Interacting with data becomes easy: graphs can be generated based on the particular information that needs to be communicated. Data visualization also helps to identify trends, changes, or business opportunities in a company’s product portfolio. 2VizCon Data® offers intelligent modules to implement data visualization in every mobile application created with 2VizCon® software.


data visualization


Creating Lists

Another option to structure data is to display different data threads as lists. 2VizCon® Data offers an easy and intuitive way to generate lists out of strands of information. Lists are a helpful tool to establish overviews of processes. They also simplify task management and planning. In 2VizCon®-based applications, lists can be created very easily. A structured list saves time and a lot of effort, especially if it can be done in an app instead of manually at the computer!



Every time technical details or performance statistics of certain products are needed, datasheets come into play. Instead of searching for PDFs or other document types on websites or in an existing IT-infrastructure, 2VizCon® Data can be used to implement datasheets right where they are needed in the actual application. The sheets can be easily accessed, displayed, and/or exported. If, for instance, an account manager needs to send a specific datasheet to their client, they are able to do that directly from the application.

Create Data Sheets



Create Filters

Setting filters is a great way of dealing with available data. Data tends to produce more data which in turn leads to increasing amounts of time-consuming research for the right numbers or necessary information. Whether it’s check-ups or specific data that needs to be accessed, filters are helpful structuring agents. Filters are not a standard feature of most conventional database management systems – or, if they do exist, they are restricted to existing specifications. 2VizCon® Data allows the user to allocate their own filters.

Adding value to data

2VizCon Data is specialized on customized turnkey solutions that make processes leaner. 2VizCon®-based applications have been developed under the 2VizCon mobile first premise – they can be used on the go. Managing data in one interface without being restricted to location (desktop) or set structures within database systems is beneficial to a company’s infrastructure.

Benefits of 2VizCon® Data:

  • Customizable: contents set up to individual needs
  • Modern: cross-platform performance on all major OS (operating systems)
  • User friendly: intelligently structured frontend
  • Compatible: full API capability
  • Scalable: no screen-size restrictions
  • Appealing: presents attractive data design
  • Transparent: suitable for different levels of user experience
  • Handy: export options of various document types



2VizCon® Data is engaging, fast, reliable, and cost-efficient. Turn your big data into smart data.


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