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Corporate events such as trade shows, industry fairs, conferences, staff summits and stand-alone events offer an ideal platform to engage with clients, business prospects, employees, and partners. Companies also use events to stage corporate and product messaging.

The use of digital technology (both hard- and software) to enhance the event experience for visitors and improve event impact, has become an established approach. With touchscreens, tablets and smartphones, multimedia interaction and digital storytelling has become an integral part of every event. 2VizCon® Event is a Fortune 500-approved software for enterprise apps, especially suited for corporate events.


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Digital event experience powered by 2VizCon®

2VizCon® Event enables companies to maximize impact and benefits of digital technology with intriguing on-brand designed apps, while simultaneously achieving an optimum ROI. 2VizCon® Event provides high-quality and reliable support for all types of events and all event phases.


pre event

  • Invitation app to share initial event information, support planning and logistics
  • Build-up of suspense
  • Roll out for desktop PC, laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Provide background information on agenda, speakers, and location
  • Social media integration

at event

  • Present event content on touchscreens and mobile devices
  • Content updates and changes in real-time
  • Lead capturing
  • 100% offline use
  • Built-in email sharing of app content
  • Seamless integration of event voting and communication software solutions
  • API to content and communication platforms, databases and software systems
  • Social media integration
  • Analytics for evaluation of app use
  • App-to-go via QR code for participants and visitors

post event

  • Intriguing documentation to prolong event experience
  • Preserving of event information and emotion
  • Push messages for continuous content updates
  • Feedback questionnaire


2VizCon® Event is engaging, fast, reliable, and cost-efficient – no matter in which event phase. Make your next event a 2VizCon® Event!



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