2VizCon® MEAP

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform. Consolidating the diversity of technology


2VizCon MEAP

Mobile enterprise application platforms, or MEAPs, provide a very relevant benefit for businesses: developers only have to write code once and deploy it across the diverse landscape of devices and operating systems integral to modern companies. The right MEAP fulfils the criteria of total cost of ownership (TCO), time-to-market (TTM), and application lifecycle management (ALM).

2VizCon® MEAP is a Fortune 500-approved software for enterprise apps, especially suited as mobile enterprise application platform.


Unleash the potential of MEAP

2VizCon® MEAP revolutionizes the way mobile enterprise application platforms are perceived. Many software providers integrate complex information architecture that requires highly skilled web developers for ongoing maintenance. 2VizCon® MEAP offers a low-coding environment that enables quick and easy app development. With 2VizCon® MEAP’s Fortune-500 approved technology, security and performance risks are diminished, while return-on-investment (ROI) is steadily increased.

2VizCon® MEAP unleashes the potential of MEAP to maximize cost efficiency and optimize strategy for mobile solutions through the 2VizCon®-typical outstanding application lifecycle management (ALM). Without adding more code and complexity to the infrastructure of companies, 2VizCon® MEAP supports the easy and outstandingly fast creation and maintenance of enterprise apps for all devices and operating systems.

2VizCon® MEAP benefits:

  • Independent of devices and operating systems
  • Capable with APIs to CRM, CMS, ERP etc.
  • Manageable with content and user management
  • Measurable through analytics
  • Highly flexible cloud-based or on premise installation
  • Secure data encryption and protection
  • Easy integration of existing assets (PDFs, PPT, videos, interactive elements) and apps
  • High return on investment (ROI) with ensured performance on future releases of operating systems
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Integrated analytics for evaluation and improvement of efficiency



2VizCon® MEAP is fast, easy, and cost-efficient. Unify your IT architecture now!