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2VizCon Retail


The retail industry has to integrate modern technology into store-level in order to compete with the ever-growing penetration of online shopping. Retail managers can choose from various analyzing tools in order to measure customer activity on the shop floor. However, finding a comprehensive but cost-efficient mobile tool is not as straightforward as it may seem at first glance.


2VizCon® Retail has been especially developed for mobile applications for the retail industry.

Utilize your store. Optimize your sales performance

2VizCon® Retail empowers retail managers to collect and analyze local information by creating outstanding retail apps. 2VizCon® Retail-based apps integrate with WiFi, analytics, and beacon technology to analyze customer behavior. Retail managers receive up-to-the-minute reports on customer activity at store level which they can use to customize sales strategies for individual stores. 2VizCon® Retail is the game changer retail managers need to turn local data into strategically useful data.

2VizCon® Retail technology enables the quick creation of platform independent apps that interact with store-based beacons in order to generate a map of movements and collect a wealth of data on timings, behavioral patterns and conversion rates. 2VizCon® Retail leverages the visualization of this data, allowing in-store, area, and national managers to optimize store layout, staffing levels, special offers, and loyalty schemes according to the levels of customer footfall.

2VizCon® Retail benefits:

  • Seamless Integration of Beacon technology
  • Data visualization
  • Analytics for measuring of interaction rate
  • Full API capabilities to corporate IT systems
  • Cost-efficient software with ensured performance on future operating system updates
  • Fortune 500-approved technology
  • Corporate-ready user interface



2VizCon® Retail is flexible, fast, reliable, and cost efficient. Enhance your store-level sales performance!


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