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Sales is all about capturing people’s interest and closing deals. Sales managers need to provide their sales force with up-to-date sales materials and useful sales tools that they can identify with.

Today, the use of digital technology (hard- and software) to support sales communication is an established approach. The rise of tablets, touch laptops, and smartphones but also the proven reliability of traditional laptops calls for use-case specific sales apps.

2VizCon® Sales is a Fortune 500-approved software for enterprise apps, especially suited for sales team apps.

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Mobilize your sales. Empower your sales team with sales apps

2VizCon® Sales empowers both sales managers and sales representatives to optimize sales pitches, maximize impact of information and, ultimately, generate more sales. Sales apps based on 2VizCon® deliver intriguing information architecture, compelling user interface design and leave a long lasting impression on customers.

But 2VizCon® Sales goes even further by empowering sales, CRM and IT managers to set up, manage, deploy, and evaluate sales applications across all operating systems. The software also enables the implementation of Excel-based calculation and simulation tools, by integrating data and formulas into the 2VizCon® in-app calculator. 2VizCon® Sales is a robust and flexible tool for continuous, long-term use that meets all security criteria and needs of a powerful sales app.

2VizCon® Sales benefits:

  • On-brand user interface design
  • Flexible information architecture
  • Seamless integration of sales materials (PPT, PDF, Excel, videos and pictures)
  • Calculator function with import of Excel-based calculations
  • API to CRM, ERP and other corporate IT systems
  • Content Management Interface (CMI) for content updates in real-time
  • Analytics for evaluation of use and strategic optimization of content & structure
  • runs with salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP CRM or any other CRM solution
  • User Management for user-specific access control and rights management
  • Accelerated time-to-market: the sales force will get their new app fast
  • My Data section for personalized and internal assets
  • Email feature for customer dialogue and lead tracking
  • Language selection for multilingual use
  • MDM and MAM compatibility for national and international rollout
  • runs on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Windows and Blackberry
  • optimised for tablets, smartphones and laptops



2VizCon® Sales is engaging, fast, reliable, and cost-efficient. Take the next digital step for better sales enablement!


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