Human Resources

2VizCon® for Human Resources: Mobilizing brand and recruitment

An important part of the HR department’s work is focused on leveraging digital technology to address internal and external target groups concerning employer branding and recruitment.

In most industry sectors, talent has gone digital. Successful recruiting campaigns have to have a strong digital footprint. Companies use digital technology, especially mobile devices and apps, to showcase their innovative mindset. This appeals to job seekers and high potentials alike.

An affinity for mobile devices and touch technology is a given nowadays. HR managers must take advantage of this and implement solutions to bring internal information and communication onto mobile devices and touchscreens.

Successfully getting corporate messaging across with 2VizCon®

2VizCon® software enables HR managers to structure, present, and manage their information in a safe, reliable, and appealing way. They can curate the corporate brand messaging for efficient recruiting and effective internal communication.

2Vizcon® offers

  • Content Management Interface (CMI) for content updates in real-time
  • Analytics for evaluation and strategic optimization
  • User Management for user-specific access control and rights management
  • My Data section for personalized and internal assets
  • API to CRM, ERP and other corporate IT systems
  • Email feature for dialogue
  • Language selection for multilingual use


Data encryption and industry-specific technical safeguards are available.


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