2VizCon® for IT: Corporate software solution

CIOs and IT managers have high expectations in the performance of software technologies to be implemented in the corporate IT infrastructure. Software must be reliable, safe, and compatible with existing IT structures. Platform independence for devices and operating systems is a great advantage, because the device landscape within a company can be extremely fragmented.

Software solutions that make sense

2VizCon® is a Fortune 500-approved cloud-based software that was especially developed to address the needs of the IT department. It enables CIOs and IT managers to implement a comprehensive solution to create efficiency-optimizing apps.


Key features of 2VizCon®:

  • cost-efficient application development and management
  • ensured performance for upcoming operating system updates
  • API capabilities to CRM, ERP, CMS and other corporate IT systems and databases
  • Compatibility with MDM and MAM
  • user and rights management
  • staged application release
  • cloud or on premise installation
  • easy-to-use Content Management Interface (CMI)
  • 1st or 2nd level support


2VizCon® is corporate-ready and used by international IT departments across all industry sectors.


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