Closing the digital gap in the evolution of the automotive industry


Driver's Day App
Marketing managers of automotive brands have to keep up with the digital evolution of car interiors, to ensure continuous buy-in of customers. Trust in manufacturers, on the other hand, has to be strengthened. This twofold challenge is addressed by digital storytelling, as means to communicate corporate and product information.

Digital storytelling has become the most accepted and expected tool to convey corporate messages and product information.


2VizCon® for the automotive industry

2VizCon® enables automotive companies and suppliers to enhance sales by empowering marketing communications and decision makers to digitalize sales operations, while maintaining on-brand requirements. 2VizCon® also offers a complete service to incorporate all stages of the car purchasing experience. From pre sales, test drives, to aftersales, 2VizCon® based apps offer great possibilities to increase emotional impact.

The unique user interface design and usability engineering together with high-quality, industry-specific tech features makes 2VizCon® the technology of choice for companies and creative agencies in the automotive industry to stage their storytelling, engage users and provide a captivating brand experience. 2VizCon® is the fast, reliable, and secure solution for all technical and content-related requirements of the automotive industry.

Data encryption and industry-specific technical safeguards are available.

2VizCon® enables:

  • Interactive sales presenters car configurators on tablets, desktop computers, and laptops
  • Learning platforms for car dealers on tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, and laptops
  • Digital Signage with all marketing collateral and regional, dealer-specific content output on touchscreens
  • Interactive test drive to provide a new test drive experience, support after-sales, and CRM

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