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Creative industries and digital storytelling

Companies, agencies, and service providers invest a lot of time in digital storytelling as a means to transport the corporate messaging of their clients to the target groups. In order to stage a client’s brand or products, the appropriate platform is needed.


2VizCon® for creative industries: developing stellar brand experiences

2VizCon® enables the creative industry to use the most sophisticated software to create a digital presence for their clients. With 2VizCon®, agencies, companies, or service providers drive digital strategy while having access to cutting-edge digital technology to stage corporate messaging for all businesses in all industries. At the same time, 2VizCon® provides a flexible platform for creative businesses to shape the design and user journeys of their apps.

Creative businesses are able to enter the 2VizCon® licensed partner program.


2VizCon® offers:

  • Distinctive, on-brand user interface design
  • Cross-platform performance on all device types and all operating systems
  • Accelerated time-to-market of apps
  • Project-specific usability engineering
  • Standardized platform technology
  • Transparent and modular development process


  • Content Management Interface (CMI), user management and analytics for maximum control and strategic planning
  • Project-related licensing for partners
  • Smart service and full service available
  • Investment security through ensured performance on future versions of operating systems and devices


2VizCon® is the fast, reliable, and secure solution for all technical and content-related requirements of creative industries. The 2VizCon® license partner program for creative businesses is available in many countries.


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