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Communicating products and services at manufacturing & engineering companies

Manufacturing and engineering companies deal with a lot of technical data and complicated products. To facilitate sales pitches or explain ground-breaking innovations, mobile technology is steadily becoming the state-of-the-art platform for companies to transport product and corporate information. Especially touch technology has become a popular means of introducing product portfolios or discussing business relevant information.

2VizCon® for manufacturing & engineering industries: The right sort of innovation for innovators

2VizCon® enables manufacturing & engineering companies to optimize their product and information architecture. It also supports the sales force by creating impact to generate more sales. 2VizCon®-based apps offer an intuitive user interface based on a high-quality technical core. They perform online as well as offline, and on all operating systems and devices.


Contextualizing manufacturing and engineering information has never been easier:

  • Seamless integration of interactive and 3D elements
  • Embedding of Excel-based calculation and simulation tools
  • Integration of PPT and PDF files, videos and pictures
  • Language selection for multilingual content

Engineers and manufacturers can use 2VizCon®-based apps for the following departments:

  • Sales
  • Education and learning
  • Investor and media relations
  • Trade shows, events and conferences
  • Digital signage in production sites and in the reception


2VizCon® is the fast, reliable, and secure solution for all technical and content-related requirements of manufacturing & engineering providers.


Data encryption and industry-specific technical safeguards are available.


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