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Putting real estate into context

Real estate businesses profit from the rise of digital storytelling as sales enablement measure. To capture the worth of property, real estate companies should especially use touch technology to create traction for their professional and private property portfolio.

2VizCon® for real estate businesses: A digital agent for the new age

2VizCon® enables efficient digital storytelling. Real estate business benefit from 2VizCon’s all-encompassing approach that ensures the development of apps that work on all operating systems and on all devices. With full API capabilities, pricing calculators, and analytics, 2VizCon® offers a comprehensive tool for the real estate business.

2VizCon® enables:

  • CI-adequate visualization
  • Easy to use Content Management Interface (CMI)
  • API to client database
  • Pricing calculator
  • Analytics to measure success

Data encryption and industry-specific technical safeguards are available.

2VizCon® is the fast, reliable, and secure solution for all technical and content-related requirements of real estate providers.


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