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Science and Technology in a digital world

Digital tools have become standard for presenting information in many industries. They offer hitherto unfamiliar possibilities to engage with products and corporate messaging, which is particularly beneficial to the science & technology industry.

Especially touch technology has become a useful means of explaining products and services, because customers can interact with the presented information.


2VizCon® for science & technology: Presenting complexity

2VizCon® software offers a stage for marketing and sales to present products in CI-design or with an individualized layout. With many sales supporting features such as data visualization and an extensive asset management, 2VizCon® is the ideal partner for the science & technology industry.

2VizCon® enables the structuring and visualization of science and tech information with the following key features:

  • Seamless integration of interactive and 3D elements
  • Embedding of Excel-based calculation and simulation tools
  • Integration of PPT and PDF files, videos and pictures
  • Language selection feature for multilingual content


2VizCon® is the fast, reliable, and secure solution for all technical and content-related requirements of science & technology providers.


Use 2VizCon® for:

  • Sales
  • Education and learning
  • Investor and media relations
  • Trade shows, events, congresses
  • Customer information on mobile devices, at offices & at the reception


Data encryption and industry-specific technical safeguards are available.


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