Mobile and Desktop Devices

Mobilizing businesses with tablets

Tablets and tablet PCs have undoubtedly become an integral part of today’s business communication. With this hardware category, the way information is accessed, consumed, and presented has fundamentally changed. Customers engage with information like never before. Companies can use this to their advantage.

2VizCon®, the most comprehensive solution for mobile devices

2VizCon® is the most advanced and corporate-ready solution that sets no boundaries for the use on mobile devices in all operating systems. Whether Windows, Android, or iOS: 2Vizcon® covers all platforms. 2VizCon® enables companies to mobilize their business and capitalize on offering up-to-date user experiences for customers.

Executives and employees are empowered to structure, visualize, present, and manage product or corporate information with the touch of a finger. Easy and efficient. 2VizCon® provides adaptive device delivery to secure optimum output on tablets and ensures flawless performance for all upcoming operating system updates.


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