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User engagement with touchscreens

Touchscreens are a popular tool for marketing communications across all industry sectors. The haptic and intuitive interaction with content and information promotes engagement, improves understanding of products and the brand, and creates a captivating user experience.

2VizCon® for touchscreens

2VizCon® is the most advanced touchscreen software solution available. Enabling on-brand, use case-specific storytelling and user interface design while at the same time providing the high-end quality of a corporate-ready technology, 2VizCon® is the Fortune 500-approved technology of choice to bring corporate content and product information to life.


Selected key features of 2VizCon®:

  • on-brand zooming user interface
  • brand related, project-specific storytelling
  • mind map-like structure and navigation
  • engaging usability engineering
  • intuitive exploration of content
  • off- and online performance
  • content updates and changes in real time
  • easy-to-use Content Management Interface (CMI)
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10


2VizCon® provides optimum content output on touchscreens and ensures flawless performance for all upcoming operating system updates.


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