Benefits for License Partners

2VizCon® for license partners

With the so-called mobile shift, a shift in budgets occurs as well. Mobile devices are becoming an intrinsic part of business processes and work routines. Budgets for interactive tools are on the rise which results in a growing demand for business-relevant applications – for internal as well as external use. Corporate decision makers have to deal with enterprise mobility and therefore they are looking for suitable tools in marketing, sales, communication, knowledge management and education.

2VizCon® was especially developed for corporate usage, because it enables license partners to structure, visualize, and mobilize business information for their clients.

2VizCon® offers an international partner program. In joining, partners will receive dedicated training and will be able to use 2VizCon® to create apps for clients in all industries and from every business vertical. 2VizCon® is the most advanced software for partners in the creative, digital, communication, and marketing business. Whether company or agency, 2VizCon® enables partners to drive their clients’ digital potential.

Benefits for 2VizCon® license partners:

  • Expansion of service range and exploration of new revenue stream
  • Application development without extensive coding skills in the 2VizCon-own authoring tool, the so-called DevKit
  • Full service or smart service by 2VizCon GmbH – from concept to roll-out
  • Customized solutions
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Cost saving thanks to the elimination of maintenance, adaption and further development of own IT-solutions


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